Stekkenplek Zwingelspaan

«« Digitalis purpurea

It is now twenty-five years ago that we and our two children moved from town into the country. The first years there, we spent altering our "Little Old House", and raising the children. The garden belonging to the house, had been initially laid out by an uncle, and was very formal in character. After uncle passed away, we were able to take matters in our own hands, and started "overhauling" the garden. As such, over a period of about 10 years, the "Old Garden" as we call it developed, about 750 sq. metres of it.

»»an informal garden

It turned into a garden filled with trees, bushes, shrubs, annuals and perennials, all more or less grouped together by colour. The garden started to get a more informal character, getting cosy and snug, aided by various patio's and terraces, vista's, arches, ponds, statues, and aviaries.

«« Papaver 'Mrs. Perry'

Then about five years ago, I left the teaching profession, extended the garden by another 2750 sq. metres, and opened the garden to enthusiasts. In the new part we laid down new patio's and terraces,  rose arbours appeared, a small copse was created for the birds, and an orchard was started, containing many of the old-fashioned types of fruit trees.

»» Purple Iris

The number of interested people visiting our garden increased year by year, and as there were many requests for plants from our garden, I started growing them, and selling them at cost price. At present one can wander through about 3500 sq. metres of garden, containing two conservatories, two ponds, garden retreats, and numerous patio's and terraces, all interconnected by meandering little pathways, creating a very tranquil, and surprising setting.

«« Delphiniums

We count up to a hundred varieties of roses at present, many rare plants, annuals, perennials, herbs, bulbs, special trees, bushes and shrubs, and of course lots of fruit. The whole rather resembles an English Cottage garden. The visitors now number about a 1500 a year, and in addition to that, about thirty thousand visits our homepage on the Internet.

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